20 hours to more joy and lower scores

If you’re shooting in the 90’s then what if it took less than 20 hours of learning, practice, and feedback to get into the 80’s?

If we can help you sharpen just 4 skills: the half-wedge shot; the short pitch; the chip; and the greenside bunker shot, you could be turning double bogeys into bogeys or pars. You won’t be spoiling holes or frustrating yourself when you’ve been in a solid position.

“There’s a real power to standing within 50 yards of the flag and knowing you’re in control. And it’s intimidating for anyone you’re playing against. More importantly, you walk off more greens with a real satisfaction”

Is there a plan for you?

Would an improvement in your short-game deliver you the biggest improvement in enjoyment and quiet satisfaction this year? Let’s start a great journey.