Straighter, very straight, and Forgiving
TaylorMade M4 Irons

While you’re going to hear a lot about RIBCOR technology, it’s what it does that makes these clubs so special.

You’re going to immediately notice that your miss-hits towards toe and heel travel a lot further.

You’ll also notice significant improvements in
accuracy. These Irons have a very high MOI;
and are very stable at contact;  so your golf
ball travels much straighter even on miss-hits.

The M4 is less compact than the M3.
It also has a fluted hosel that allows
weight to be repositioned deeper
in the head.

You’ll notice that the M4 launches
the ball higher, more easily, and it’s
the most forgiving TaylorMade Iron.

If you’re interested in experiencing just how much straighter your approach shots could be,
then come and experience the TaylorMade M4 effect.