What loft do you have on your Putter?
What rise angle do you strike the ball with?

At the moment of impact, the Putter needs to lift the ball out of the small depression it will be in on the green.
Lift it too much and it will bounce before rolling.
Too little and the ball will skid and come “off axis” and probably off line.

If we’re going to keep your Putts on line then we need to make sure that
we have the correct loft on your Putter for your putting stroke.

An interesting video that highlights what we’re trying
to accomplish when fitting you for the correct loft.

Trying to make sure we match your angle of attack
and the loft to create the right dynamic loft.

Many manufacturers have delofted their Putters to 2° because it is the launch angle that works
best on the very fast greens the Tour Pros play on. For the average green speed a higher launch
angle is required. Remember launch angle is a result of the effective loft at impact,
and not the static loft of the Putter. 

Loft is also important when we check your rise angle because that will create the spin loft.
The way the ball reacts after it is launched is impacted by the spin loft, with our ambition being
to make sure that at worst the ball doesn’t bounce and skid with backspin.  

Spin loft is the difference between the angle
the Putter attacks the ball  with and
the effective loft.

A downward strike will usually create a hop,
as the ball literally bounces out of its depression,
and then direction and distance change.   

As we help golfers find the perfect partner for the putting green, sometimes something as small as changing ball
position at address and / or hand position at impact, makes a huge improvement to roll and the number of
Putts that stay on line. If you want to find the perfect partner,